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Meet Linda

I love working with clients and their families to create spaces they love to live in. And it’s not just about creating a pretty space, it must also be functional and meet the needs of the client. I want my clients to walk into their home, office or special retreat and think, “I LOVE THIS SPACE”.

Over the years, I loved meeting customers, understanding what was important to them and then delivering on their needs. So after 25 years in the corporate world, I recently decided to follow my passion for design work and start this company. I’ve been fortunate to spend much of my professional career creating new products and packaging, and developing ad campaigns and commercials for customers around the world. Often my customers would tell me that an advertisement really spoke to them or hit an emotional cord with them.

Then one night, at 3:41am to be exact, I realized that I wanted to take this passion for creativity and design into more personal settings. Hence the name, 341 Interior Design, and the start of my official Interior Design career.

So, why Interior Design? Aside from the fact that I love the creative process, I enjoy working with colors, shapes, textures, patterns and light. And over the years, I’ve been able to practice and hone my skills. I’ve moved more times than I care to count, all over the world. Those many moves have enabled me to practice the art of interior design and decorating. And it’s broadened my idea of what a room should look like. A room in HongKong or Turkey may be very different than a room in Charlotte, NC. Ultimately though, it’s about how a room makes you feel when you walk into it!